Absinthe was the trademark drink during the heady days of 19th century Paris. Famous artists, writers and poets like Picasso, Baudelaire, Hemingway, Degas, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec and Oscar Wilde all heavily indulged in it. Maybe it was the mystical allure of "The Green Fairy," or maybe it helped inspire their creativity.

Whatever the reason, experience Absente, Absinthe Refined, and recall the glamour of nineteenth century Paris.

Absente can be enjoyed in many ways: mixed with water, or the classic mixture of sugar and water using a slotted spoon.

We have some other great recipes for Absente, Absinthe Refined, so you can recreate the widespread 19th century custom called l'heure verte (the green hour).

In the tradition of Absinthe, Absente recalls the international intrigue of café society during the nineteenth century. See what the famous artists, writers and poets were quoted saying after experiencing Absinthe.

Embark on a trip through art history and enjoy over 130 original works and various works of inspiration, along with food and drink recipes courtesy of Chef Jean Stephane Poinard, Bistro De Leon, featuring Absente - Absinthe Refined and Grande Absente - Absinthe Originale. Also included in the book is a CD featuring The Absente Song, written and performed by: William Stewart.

"Come, the Wines go the beaches, And the waves by the millions! See the wild Bitter Rolling from the top of the mountains! Let us, wise pilgrims, reach The Absinthe with the green pillars…" -Arthur Rimbaud